Monday, September 26, 2011


Many times I am asked in a reading to connect with guidance regarding relationships. For some, they are contemplating divorce, for others seperation, and for many they seek to establish a peaceful co-existence in which all members of the family or all involved in the relationship can have peace. I connected with Nathan for a discourse on relationships, and today, I would like to share this teaching with you.....

The great mystery of human interaction continues to challenge people to come closer to their hearts and awaken their inner vision to see that in all situations Spirit is present. What you term relationships is looked upon by your Higher Self as an opportunity to observe and manifest the greatest teachings of the Omnipitant Source of all love.

You are given teachers, very sacred teachers along your path. These teachers, or relationships as you call them, are pre-determined to interact with you in order to assist both of your Spirits to evolve ever closer to the Omnipitant`s spark of Divine love. When you peer upon another, an attraction as such, you feel, deeply, a calling for your heart to open to embrace to express. Intimatly at times you may reach outward to express this desire for connection, and at other times meer conversation is the vehicle for a healing connection. When as a human, you are drawn to another, it is for the expressed lesson of finding the depths of your inner truths, reflections of the wounds that keep you from those depths and an opportunity to heal within other words your lover, your partner, your friend are all deep and truthful reflections of the angst, love and Light found within yourself. Allow me to demonstrate....

Your path brings you to the spark of another, a partner perhaps, a lover, a friend. At the level of Spirit, both recognize one another as teachers for each others Highest good, this may not be known conciously, oft more than other it is recognized as what you call a like, a connection. The familiar feeling of love, passion, the familiar scent of joy, the reflection of the Divines Light in the eyes of another awakens. The opening to that moment of connection is the direct result of the opening to ones heart, the embracing of the inner self expression, the link to the truest most authentic feeling of love found and is being experienced through the teacher that has arrived in the form of a relationship.

Now, lessons can begin. If intolerace infiltrates the love relationship, is it hate? Ney, it is the Spiritual eye of thy self seeing in another the wounds within yourself reflecting to you those parts of which beg, becon, call upon you to heal, but most important, it is an opportunity to engage in teachings that will free you to the relm of ultimate love! The impatience with a child can surely reflect impatience but also teach patience, the anger of anothers follies can surely reflect the anger at ones own follies but also relfect a calling to fun and laughter, the disconnect from love of ones beloved can surely teach the potent pain of disconnect from the self. Every single being, be it human, animal, plant or other is a direct gift given to teach you what it is that is of most value to free your heart. Is your partner cold, detached, unloving, you are being asked to be an observer of that within yourself and to be warm, loving, yourself!

Relationship from the perspective of our insights as guides is not for the purpose of interconnected submission to a doctrine of suffering, it is not about stifling the heart to submit to the perception of committment, it is about seeing within another all the reflections of the self and course correcting them within the self, and from there we, your guides can assist you in finding the peace you seek. Take all that you judge on another, all that you love for another, all that you anger for another, all that you hate, all that you desire, all that you feel, sense and know...look upon thyself and see these within the self, and see the reflection asked of you, for the person you are with is meerly teaching from their Spirit to yours the lessons of Love, first of thyself, second of one of the self is love of the Omnipitant Source of all love that is, if the lesson of love of the self is learnt, then the power, the strength, courage, and joy is present to love all, be it prisoner or pauper, be it rich or ragged, be it the greedy or the giving, all will be seen for the Light within, your Light within will be shining, and the Light, the spark of the Omnipitants Light will be present for all to share on your Earth.

True healing happens for all...when love is the reflection to this earth, from one heart to another. From this place of love, each is free to manifest and express their truest self, unbridled, without burden, without judgement...all relationships are Spirit to Spirit communication for the Highest good or your Spiritual evolution. Once the relationship interactions have been embraced and recognized as teachings and are truly understood, one may then move on to the next teacher, move forth to a new connection with the relationship, but shifts must occur once awakenings begin. Some teachers come forth for your lifetime, some for a moment, some to awaken through stirring your very core, others through sadness and tears, some are partners in conversations of woes and regrets, some come to demonstrate of distance from ourselves through the vulnerable demonstration of the distance from themselves. All are in the moment for the moment for the ultimate lessons of Love. Be an observer of your relationships, reflect to yourself all you say of another, see the truths of their wounds within you and see the reflection of what is being asked of you to heal your heart, do you long for another...perhaps it is longing for oneself, and in longing for oneself, perhaps it is longing of the Omnipitants love and a connection to your Spirits wings to fly freely, to live, to love.

I reflected on this discourse many times, and took a deep look at my own journey. The teachings around reflection often show us that if I see anger in another, to find my own anger and heal it, but what I found in Nathans teachings is that it takes it one step further, ...yes see the reflection of anger within me, but also see the Light, the spark as he calls it of the teaching, that being to see that anger reflects love, patience, kindness, and so many other expressions of connections. In other words, see the wound that is within me when shared by another, but also see the gift of the healing and what is necessary for the ultimate goal of Love to manifest.

The goal of Spirit growth is not to only search and explore the wounds, its to embrace the expressed Light and bring that forth for all to share. I also learnt from this discourse, all that I long for with another is what I long for within, and until I am willing to manifest that with me, the depths of that expression or relationship will not be fully expressed in my life with another. If I long to have love, touch, connection, the joy, laughter,bliss in a relationship, I long for this to be me and from me. Living from the space of being Love to me, touching my life, connecting, joyful laughter and bliss within my heart has opened my life to an incredible gift of sharing and connection. The longing for another turns into a more balanced interaction, I am fulfilled therefore I can fulfill, and from there I can follow the guidance around my relationships verses reacting to them . I learnt from Nathans teachings that it is not my partners responsibility to create my happiness, love or freedom, my partner is my teacher to show me how to find that within me, and only then can I follow the guidance as to what needs to manifest freely through the relationship and in my life.

Im deeply honored that you have taken the time to share in these discourses with Nathan, and as with all of his teachings, take time to ponder, question and reflect....your own truth will guide you.
Wishing you many blessings..